Bulgarian citizenship for Russian citizens

Bulgarian citizenship for Russian citizens

Last Updated on September 23, 2023 by Bulgarian Citizenship Team

Claiming Bulgarian Origin for Soviet Union-born Ethnic Bulgarians

Bulgaria offers a promising opportunity for ethnic Bulgarians to reclaim their Bulgarian citizenship, provided they can provide substantial evidence of their Bulgarian ancestry.

According to the revised Citizenship Act, applicants must present official documents from Bulgarian or foreign authorities, confirming their familial connection to at least one ancestor up to the third degree, who is of Bulgarian origin. These documents should include detailed information about the names of the ancestor and their relationship with the applicant.

What evidence of Bulgarian origin is required?

To support their claim, applicants must submit their ancestors’ originally issued birth certificates, regardless of the year of issuance. Newly issued certificates are not considered sufficient evidence of Bulgarian origin and are also viewed with caution as they could potentially be “fabricated.”

If any of your ancestors were born in 1940 and are identified as “bolgar,” “bolgarka,” or any other synonymous term indicating Bulgarian heritage, it is crucial to apply with this specific birth certificate. In the event that your original birth certificate is lost, obtaining a duplicate copy is advisable instead of applying with a newly issued certificate.

Bulgarian citizenship by origin remains one of the fastest routes for obtaining Bulgarian citizenship for Russian citizens.