Bulgarian Citizenship

Last Updated on September 24, 2023 by Bulgarian Citizenship Team

Bulgarian Citizenship

The main idea for launching Bulgarian-Citizenship.com is to facilitate the efforts of the Bulgarian government to handle the negative impact on the demographic crisis in Bulgaria. This aim can be achieved by welcoming foreign nationals of Bulgarian origin and attracting highly-qualified and wealthy individuals to obtain Bulgarian citizenship and relocate to Bulgaria.

To achieve optimal results and to ensure fast and hassle-free procedure for our clients, our team work closely with the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice and diplomatic missions abroad. Acquiring Bulgarian citizenship requires careful planning and excellent communication & cooperation between the applicant, his lawyer and the responsible government authorities.

Benefits of Acquiring Bulgarian Citizenship

Bulgarian citizenship offers a number of benefits:

  • Bulgarian citizens are full citizens of the European Union (‘EU’), and are entitled to ‘freedom of movement’ (including visa-free travel to the remaining 27 member states of the EU and a large number of other countries to which the EU applies a common visa policy);
  • the right to establish or own a business in Bulgaria or any other EU or EEA state or Switzerland;
  • the right to acquire land or immovable property in Bulgaria and a number of other EU countries which may otherwise restrict access to foreign nationals;
  • various rights to access the education systems of Bulgaria and the member states of the EU (including eg, to pay fees at “home/EU” rates at institutions of higher and further education, to receive student loans and financial assistance;
  • the right to obtain medical assistance in Bulgaria and elsewhere in the EU (if you are in another member state as a student, visitor, worker, business person, etc).

How to obtain Bulgarian Citizenship

Bulgarian citizenship can be granted under four main categories stipulated in the Bulgarian Citizenship Act:

We may also assist with:

Our experience and advantage

As a firm with a strong and rich practice in immigration and nationality law (we are the proud founders of Markony Immigration Services LLP, a project through which we have assisted more than few hundreds non-EU nationals to obtain Bulgarian residency), we deal extensively with applications for Bulgarian citizenship by origin, naturalization and investment.
Our founder Advocate Vasil Markov was recommended by the prestigious guide Legal 500 for its profound expertise and subtantial practice in the field of Bulgarian citizenship law. 

Our citizenship lawyers have extensive professional experience and solid training in the field of obtaining Bulgarian citizenship and passport. We can advise you on the eligibility, to assist in the sourcing, clarification and preparation of the supporting documents, to liaise with the relevant government bodies, to assist at each step, including by completing many of the steps on behalf of the applicant, to put together the applications and submit and represent, among others.
For more information and to start planning your citizenship application, please do not hesitate to contact us.