Fees for the Bulgarian Golden Visa Program

Last Updated on May 6, 2024 by Bulgarian Citizenship Team

Government Fees

In addition to your investment and Fund-related fees, expect legal and government application charges. Here’s a breakdown:

Legal Fees

Select a reputable law firm to handle your pre-approval, visa application, and residency renewal. Prices vary but range from €5,000 to €20,000 for a family of four over five years, payable in installments based on completed tasks.

These fees include due diligence, Fund investment assistance, and government/legal expenses for residency.

Investment-Related Costs

Refer to the table below for costs associated with popular Fund Investment option:

Investment Fund
Minimum Investment512 000 EUR
Transfer Tax0%
Notary Cost0%
Exit Fees0%
Performance fee25% of the profit
Residency processing fee5 000 EUR
Pre-approval0 EUR
Management fee1% of the value of investment amount
Fund managers can establish various performance and management fees. The fees provided above are approximate. For current rates, please contact us. The residency processing fees includes all government and legal costs associated with obtaining the residency status.