Bulgarian Citizenship for Canadian Citizens, The Ultimate Guide

Last Updated on November 28, 2023 by Bulgarian Citizenship Team

According to the 2021 Census, the number of Canadians claiming Bulgarian ancestry surged to 33,085 from 27,260 in 2006, reflecting a notable increase. The migration of Bulgarians to Canada began in the late 1890s, with Toronto, Ontario, emerging as a central hub for this community in North America.


Eligibility for Bulgarian citizenship by origin requires proof of Bulgarian ancestry, adoption by a Bulgarian citizen, or having a parent who is a Bulgarian citizen or has passed away as one.

For Canadians seeking Bulgarian citizenship by origin, providing official documents linking them to their Bulgarian ancestor is crucial. Typically, birth and death certificates serve this purpose.

Canada issued birth ceritificate that indicated Bulgarian origin

Bulgarian Baptism Certificate

The significance of the baptism certificate: Article 3 of the LAW ON BULGARIANS LIVING OUTSIDE THE REPUBLIC OF BULGARIA recognizes the baptism certificate from the Bulgarian Orthodox Church as sufficient proof of Bulgarian origin. This single document can streamline the application process for Bulgarian citizenship. If you don’t possess a baptism certificate for your ancestors, our team can provide assistance.

Bulgarian Baptism certificate - Свето Кръщение

Addressing name changes:

If your ancestor changed names, common among immigrants to Canada, you have to provide relevant documents like a deed poll or marriage certificate. For name changes during naturalization in Canada, you have to include certified copies of the naturalization documents. You can initiate a search for naturalization records by applying for a citizenship and naturalization records search from 1854 to the present through Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada.

Canada naturalization document for the process of obtaining Bulgarian citizenship

The above Canada naturalization document have already been used in the process of obtaining Bulgarian citizenship by descent.

No Criminal Records

Canadian citizens must present a no criminal record issued within the last 6 months. If applying from a residency country other than your home country, you have to provide a no criminal record from that jurisdiction as well. The authority responsible for issuing no criminal records in Canada is the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Canada criminal record for Bulgarian citizenship

Our team is prepared to provide guidance on the necessary format for a criminal record when applying for Bulgarian citizenship.

Medical Examinations

All applicants must undergo standard medical examinations, which can be obtained from various providers or bundled by a single provider.

Medical examinations for Bulgarian citizenship
Medical examinations required for applying for Bulgarian citizenship
Mental examinations for Bulgarian citizenship
Mental health document required for applying for Bulgarian citizenship

Legalization Requirements

Starting January 2024, Canada’s inclusion in the Hague Convention on Apostilles streamlines the process by eliminating the lengthy Global Affairs legalization and further authentication through the Bulgarian embassy or general consulate in Canada. This simplification shortens the process of obtaining Bulgarian citizenship by at least a few months, enhancing its efficiency.

Language requirements

Applicants for Bulgarian citizenship by origin are not obliged to undergo a Bulgarian citizenship language exam. Those applying based on Bulgarian descent are exempt from this requirement. Their citizenship interview can also be conducted in English, or a translator may be employed.