No Criminal record for Bulgarian Citizenship

One crucial element of the Bulgarian citizenship process is the submission of a clean criminal record. Applying for a D visa lets you provide a clean criminal record from your home country or country of residency. However, the Bulgarian citizenship application requires a clean record specifically from your home country. Additionally, if you reside in […]

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Bulgarian language exam

Bulgarian language exam for Bulgarian citizenship

Following the official cancellation of the Bulgarian bond program, authorities have cancelled the option for citizenship by investment. Currently, the Bulgaria Golden Visa program is in place, offering permanent residency through investment. Eligibility Requirements for Bulgarian Citizenship The Bulgarian language proficiency examinations, a part of the Bulgarian citizenship application process, are administered by the Center […]

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Timeline to get Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment

How long does it take to get Bulgarian citizenship by investment

This article presents a sample timeline for obtaining Bulgarian citizenship by investment in a Bulgarian AIF in 2024, outlining the process in distinct phases and specifying the timeframes for each step as follows: Step 1 – Pre-approval Stage The Investment Agency completes the pre-approval stage within two and a half months after receiving the application. […]

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How to get Bulgarian Citizenship By Origin in 2021

Bulgarian citizenship by origin

Art. 15 of the amended Bulgarian citizenship Act offers three categories of persons who are eligible to apply for Bulgarian citizenship by origin: A person of Bulgarian origin. A person adopted by a Bulgarian citizen under the conditions of full adoption. A person whose parent is a Bulgarian citizen or has died as a Bulgarian […]

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How safe are the Bulgarian ETF UCIT?

Bulgarian citizenship by investment in ETF

The amended Bulgarian Citizenship Act cancelled the bond investment option and introduced the ETFs and AIFs. Logically, the government was left with no choice but to put an end to the affordable bond financing options, which brought no value to the country, and introduce more sensible investment options. The latest Bulgarian Citizenship Act offers investors […]

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Pre-Approval for Bulgarian citizenship by investment

Pre approval stage Bulgarian citizenship by investment

The amended Bulgarian Citizenship Act stipulates that a pre-approval stage will be included in the process of obtaining Bulgarian citizenship by investment. The details about the pre-approval stage are to be clarified in the secondary legislation to the Act. The deadline for publishing the secondary legislation is the 15th of September 2021, which is six […]

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Common Misconceptions about the Bulgarian CIP


What most consultants will not tell you about the Bulgarian CIP To make the Bulgarian investment program seem more attractive than other countries’ programs, some consultants may hide or alter the facts in order to sell Bulgarian citizenship through an investment service. Our first article will focus on the common misconceptions about acquiring Bulgarian citizenship […]

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