Last Updated on December 19, 2017 by Bulgarian Citizenship Team

Art. 12 of the Bulgarian Citizenship Act

Art. 12. A person who is not a Bulgarian citizen can acquire Bulgarian citizenship if by the date of filing the application for naturalisation:

  1. he has become of age;
  2. before no less than 5 years has been given permit for permanent stay in the Republic of Bulgaria;
  3. has not been convicted for premeditated crime of general nature by a Bulgarian court and against him criminal prosecution has not been instituted for such crime, unless rehabilitated;
  4. (amend, SG 41/01) has income or occupation which enables his support in the Republic of Bulgaria;
  5. (amend., SG 41/01; amend. – SG 74/09, in force from 15.09.2009) is fluent in Bulgarian language which shall be ascertained according to an Ordinance by the Minister of Education, Youth and Science and
  6. (New, SG 41/01) who is released from his present citizenship or will be released from it by the moment of acquiring Bulgarian citizenship.

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